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After retirement from Ankara Criminal Court, with his retirement grant, he completed school construction in  Senocak Village, Savur district, Mardin with five classroom which is also his family home. At the ceremony which is held for completion school construction,  Minister of Education Nimet Cubukcu gave a plaque of appreciation to Beyazit Boran.

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20/02/2022Retired Judge Beyazıt Boran; "I am proud of myself"LinkMedyascope
05/01/2022"Violation" decision 18 years after the Constitutional Court regarding the Pamukova train accident: The file of former TCDD General Manager and AKP Deputy Süleyman Karaman became a secretLinkMedyascope
03/12/2021Allegations of police brutality against retired judgeLinkDeutsche Welle (DW
26/02/2021Visit to Retired Ankara Judge Beyazıt Boran from the Saadet PartisiLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
07/02/2021Retired Judge Beyazıt Boran Announced That He Will Leave Ankara, Which Has Been Living For 22 Years, And Settlement In Hitland, Savur.LinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
10/11/2020Retired Ankara Judge Beyazıt Boran Build Houses in Name of His Father in Idlib, SyriaLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
07/10/2020Retired Ankara Judge Beyazıt Boran Released a Message on the Death of Jak KamhiLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
18/08/2020Prof. Dr. Mahmut Tevfik Birsel diesLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
07/08/2020Retired Judge Beyazıt Boran Wishes Mercy to Deceased Politician and Businessman Murtaza ÇelikelLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
18/06/2020Retired Ankara Judge Beyazıt Boran was given a Gift with a Written Name at the Father's House SavurLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
14/04/2020Retired Ankara Criminal Judge M. Beyazit Boran made a Public Statement Regarding the Amendments to the Law on EnforcementLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
05/04/2020Governor Vasip Şahin Called "Markets"Hürriyet Newspaper
16/03/2020Retired Criminal Judge Says "This is a Crime"Hürriyet Newspaper
14/03/2020Trash Response to Çankaya Municipality From Retired Ankara Judge M. Beyazıt BoranLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
10/03/2020Retired Ankara Judge Beyazıt Boran from Mardin; '' Şevket Kazan was among our Ministers of Justice and Justice-Focused Justice 'LinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
18/01/2020Rahşan Ecevit Died in AnkaraLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
27/12/2019About 40-year lawyer opened a case of insulting friends in court, lovers and citizens did not leave aloneLink>Artuklu Haber Newspaper
03/12/2019Retired Ankara Judge Boran: 'We Are Going to Hometown with Marev Chorus Concerts'''LinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
05/11/2019Bülent Ecevit The 13th anniversary of his death was
LinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
25/10/2019Ahde Vefa MeetingLinkMardin Söz Newspaper
25/10/2019Meet at the Historical Karaköy Restaurant in IstanbulLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
20/08/2019Retired Ankara Judge M.Beyazit Boran gave Savurspor a uniformLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
19/08/2019Boran “State sentenced to compensation by AİHM should recourse to those responsible´´LinkMardin Söz Newspaper
16/06/2019The State Convicted of Compensation by AİHM Should Encourage its PersonsLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
16/06/2019Retired Ankara Judge Beyazıt Boran Makes Agenda With His Speech at Fenerbahçe Ordinary Financial CongressLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
10/06/2019Retired Judge Beyazit Boran says there is no need for judicial reformLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
17/05/2019Sarı, Savur Visit Beyazıt Boran Elementary School
LinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
20/02/2019Retired Ankara Judge From Beyazit Boran to the Yargitay Dining Hall’LinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
07/11/2018Very Important Disclosures by Retired Ankara Judge Beyazıt BoranLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
31/10/2018Beyazıt Boran: "Confidence in the Judgment Is Too Low’’LinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
04/07/2018Retired Criminal Justice Great Response from Beyazıt Boran to Implicit AmnestiesLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
02/06/2018Retired Ankara judge Beyazıt Boran Participates in Fenerbahçe CongressLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
21/02/2018Old Ankara Judge Ali Koc support from Beyazıt BoranLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
17/02/2018Retired Ankara Hakimi Beyazıt Boran Created the Agenda with the Talk of the 10th CongressLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
015/10/2017Saygı Öztürk’s ArticleLinkSözcü Newspaper
06/09/2017Retired Ankara a Practiacal Beyazıt BORAN The Judiciary President Has Been ConsideredLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
18/05/2017Very Important Statements from Retired Judge Beyazıt BoranGüney Hakimiyet Newspaper
18/05/2017Savur Nezihe Boran Course and Hüsamettin Boran Primary School OpenedGüney Hakimiyet Newspaper
07/05/2017Savur Nezihe Boran Kuran Course Opened to ServiceLinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
06/05/2017Beneficent Son
Güney Hakimiyet Newspaper
04/05/2017Former Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor Mardinli Retired Judge Beyazıt Boran and Fetöcü Judge and Execution Speech!LinkArtuklu Haber Newspaper
11/04/2017His father's name was given to the schoolLinkMardin Söz Newspaper
08/04/2017Retired Criminal Justice Beyazit Boran met with Rahşan Ecevit at dinnerGüney Hakimiyet Newspaper
22/01/2017Saygı Öztürk’s ArticleLinkSözcü Newspaper
06/07/2016Emin Çölaşan’s ArticleLinkSözcü Newspaper
02/06/2016Bülent Ecevit TrialsMinutes
01/02/2016Grateful day for philanthropistsHakimiyet Newspaper
30/12/2015Savur Philanthropy Certificate of ThanksMardin News
Example Behavior from retired JudgeMardin News
Example Behavior from retired Judge Beyazıt BoranHürses Newspaper
That judge has gone wrong.Bugün Newspaper
Identification is not done!Bugün Newspaper
Mardin retired judge of the RebellionHakimiyet Newspaper
Revolt of the JudgesBugün Newspaper
Constitutional Amendment to be completed urgently - HeadlinesHakimiyet Newspaper
Constitutional changes must be completed urgently - Inside Page Hakimiyet Newspaper
Judge's Decision Case - HeadlinesHakimiyet Newspaper
Judge's Decision Case - Inside PageHakimiyet Newspaper
Retired Judge Boran Examples of Education moves - HeadlinesHakimiyet Newspaper
Retired Judge Boran's Case Study Breakthrough - Inside PageHakimiyet Newspaper
Great suffering in Turkey - HeadlinesSabah Newspaper
Great suffering in Turkey - Inside PageSabah Newspaper
He built a school with a retirement pension.Türkiye Newspaper
Retired Judge Dream Come True, he built a school in the country.Hürriyet Newspaper
Good job. Commissioned by the School Retirement MoneyVatan Newspaper
Judges, built a school with a retirement bonusHürriyet Newspaper
He retired school with money (GAP)Hürriyet Newspaper
Retired school was built with moneyCumhuriyet Newspaper
Şenocak was fascinatedİlkhaber Newspaper
Makes School of the Retirement MoneyÖncü Newspaper
Ankara Judge Bora War Wins like this (ANKARA)LinkHürriyet Newspaper
A lawyer Right of Representation in Appeals of Killer ... (ANKARA)Hürriyet Newspaper
07/08/2007Retired Judge: Decision-site is given (ANKARA)Hürriyet Newspaper
22/11/2006There was a judge in TorbalıYeni Asır Newspaper
02/11/2006Boran Law Firm ... (ANKARA)LinkHürriyet Newspaper
02/11/2006Continue to Struggle LawMilliyet Newspaper
07/07/2006There are judges in TurkeyYeni Asır Newspaper
05/07/2006Response to Light Blind ... (ANKARA)Hürriyet Newspaper
04/07/2006In Mastering the traffic (ANKARA)Hürriyet Newspaper
03/07/2006Commission report: ‘Dilovası should be evacuatedLinkHürriyet Daily News
02/07/2006Red Light 1-Year SentenceSabah Newspaper
26/04/2006Pinball Law of the Parliament (ANKARA)Hürriyet Newspaper
17/01/2006Pinball LawLinkHürriyet Newspaper
03/10/2004Bringing Judge adultery AgendaSabah Newspaper
31/08/2004Without leaving the Penal CodeYeni Asır Newspaper
19/01/2003Electrical confinementSabah Newspaper
14/01/2003Judge SensitivityStar Newspaper
01/09/2002Theft of Electricity to 3 Years in PrisonSabah Newspaper
26/07/2002Electric thieves…LinkHürriyet Newspaper
23/06/2002Judges from the Boran Cancel …Cumhuriyet Newspaper
27/02/2002Different judgesSabah Newspaper
21/01/2002Senate prison sentenceStar Newspaper
05/01/2001Since the amnesty...Hürriyet Newspaper
04/01/2001Cancel Prompt prosecutorCumhuriyet Newspaper
03/01/2001Supreme Court: Amnesty Cancel ...Sabah Newspaper
03/01/2001Application for Cancellation of the Supreme CourtBinyıl Newspaper
03/01/2001Amnesty claims confiscatedYeni Asır Newspaper
13/05/2000Court of Appeal abolishes acquittalRadikal Newspaper
03/07/1999Promotion of Women VictoryMilliyet Newspaper
02/07/1999The judge had promoted brave BoranYeni Asır Newspaper
17/03/1999Judge Removes Shame of this middleHürriyet Newspaper
15/03/1999Equality in adultery...Yeni Asır Newspaper
14/03/1999Adultery women also not a crimeLink 1 Link 2Hürriyet Newspaper
14/03/1999Equality in AdulterySabah Newspaper
14/03/1999Equality in AdulteryMilliyet Newspaper
14/09/1998Wallet ReactionsLinkHürriyet Newspaper
23/07/1998Bloat is our chest againTorbalı'nın News
10/07/1998Mr. Beyazıt posts Support ContinuesSabah Newspaper
30/06/1998Importance of JudgesLinkHürriyet Newspaper
25/06/1998Inequality Done But it should stay as adulteryıLinkHürriyet Newspaper
25/06/1998Victory of the judge...Yeni Asır Newspaper
03/05/1998Torbalı Brave JudgesSabah Newspaper
03/05/1998Torbalı Brave JudgesYeni Asır Newspaper
29/04/1998Uncle-Nephew occupationSabah Newspaper
05/04/1998Thanks to JudgeSabah Newspaper
04/04/1998We're proud of youBüyük Torbalı Newspaper
28/03/1998Thanks to Judge Sabah Newspaper
27/03/1998Kissable hands of the judgesYeni Asır Newspaper
26/03/1998Criminal traffic signs (EGE)Hürriyet Newspaper
25/03/1998Example Criminal Traffic MonsterSabah Newspaper
25/03/199810-Year Sentence Traffic CrimeYeni Asır Newspaper
04/03/1998Adultery Cancel WayKazete Free Woman's Voice
25/02/1998Come Supreme Court - Cancel Female adultery...LinkHürriyet Newspaper
23/02/1998Judge Boran... (EGE)Hürriyet Newspaper
21/02/1998Women's adultery in Constitutional CourtCumhuriyet Newspaper
27/04/1978Kamran İnan…Milliyet Newspaper

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